Google Ads: to be there or not to be there? That is the question

Google Ads - by Digital Jump
Luciano Tirelli at Digital Jump

Author: Luciano

CEO at Digital JUMP

When someone Googles “floating floors”, do you appear? Are you the immediate solution for that consumer, potential client?

Do you know that 90% of people who search on Google only choose one of the first 2 possibilities that appear?

Smartphone con logo de Google Ads

In the business world, having an effective digital marketing strategy has become essential for the success and growth of companies. It’s no longer just having a store and a catalog. Making the most of online advertising tools can make all the difference in a highly competitive market.

Are you sure you are present? What average position are you in in searches? Are you sure you are doing it right? What percentage of click share do you have? We invite you to explore the advantages of using Google Ads as an advertising platform and how it can drive your business to success.

  1. Massive reach and precise targeting:
    It offers the possibility of reaching everyone. Your company can increase its visibility significantly. The platform allows precise segmentation, based on criteria such as geographic location, interests, browsing behavior and much more.
  2. Highly relevant and personalized advertising:
    The platform offers various advertising formats, such as search ads, display, remarketing, videos and mobile applications, giving you the flexibility to reach your audience at different stages of the purchasing process.
  3. Investment for achievements:
    At an investment level, it is only reflected in the scope of my search. What does this mean? Google Ads charges you per click achieved, if the campaign is not successful, no money is invested. You pay for results!
  4. Follow-up:
    Google Ads tracks those who were close to buying from us but did not make the purchase for X reason. Constantly seeking to show you similar products or offers in order to make that purchase effective.
  5. Remarketing, the perfect tool:
    Remarketing can be the solution to attract that “lost customer.” The one who entered the website, selected possible products, but abandoned the cart becomes the new target. Using this tool, you can show them specific ads with the products they had selected, offering additional discounts or promotions to encourage them to return and complete the purchase.

It gives us the opportunity to keep our brand in the minds of users even after they leave our website. We build loyalty with our existing customers and encourage them to make additional purchases in the future.

In short, in an increasingly competitive market, taking advantage of the advantages of online advertising is crucial for the growth and success of companies.

At Digital JUMP, we have experience positioning products in the construction, decoration and coatings industries. We know how to develop digital strategies to achieve this. Are you already doing it? Do you need collaboration? We are here to help you.