The power of artificial intelligence and human creativity in content generation.

El poder de la inteligencia artificial y la creatividad humana en la generación de contenido - By Digital Jump
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way content is generated in today’s world. With its ability to process and learn from large amounts of data, AI can create content in seconds, including headlines, copy, insights, and even entire articles. Join us to explore the potential of AI in this area and we will discuss the importance of combining it with human creativity to obtain truly impressive results.

AI in networks:

An interesting use case for AI is generating content for social networks. Using data about a company, its industry, and its audience, AI can create relevant and useful content for users. For example, a brand that is dedicated to e-commerce can generate product and category descriptions based on sales and search data. However, it is crucial to remember that the content returned to us by AI alone may be generic and unattractive to the target audience.

La importancia de combinar la IA con la creatividad humana:

Neil Patel, renowned marketing expert, highlights the importance of combining AI with human creativity to create content that truly connects with the audience. Although AI can generate content in large quantities, it needs the unique and personalized perspective of humans to add context, depth and personality. AI can identify relevant keywords, but only human experts can understand how the user acts and create clear, effective content to answer their questions.

The success of CHAT GPT and its limitations:

CHAT GPT, an AI-powered platform, has achieved great success in a short time, registering millions of daily users. This tool answers questions based on a set of concepts with which it has been previously trained. However, it is important to keep in mind that the AI’s response is not always completely trustworthy or plausible. Technology has been trained with enormous repositories of words, but its efficiency is limited and its knowledge is limited to information available until 2021. At Digital Jump, we decided to put this last piece of information to the test by asking a very simple question: What is the latest version of WordPress currently?

Indeed, the CHAT GPT itself returns the following message in response:

¿Cuál es la última versión de WordPress? - By Digital Jump

The human role in the use of AI:

Although AI can provide quick and specific solutions in certain contexts, human intervention remains essential. Humans are indispensable for filtering and adjusting AI-generated content, regardless of its apparent veracity. Human creativity adds value to content, adapting it to the needs and problems of the audience.

It is also true that it is crucial to use these tools responsibly and consciously. Technology-savvy YouTubers like Nate Gentile have done some interesting experiments with this technology: “(…) An example is when I asked him to summarize a script about the chip war (…) and when he gave me In summary, a lot of things were invented.” Therefore, we must be careful how we use these tools, check sources and empirical data about what we want to share, if it is necessary for what we are investigating.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool in content generation, but its combination with human creativity and responsibility is essential to obtain impactful results. As users, we must be discreet when using them, especially in areas that require a higher level of objectivity, but by working together, artificial intelligence and human creativity can generate content that truly connects with the audience and solves their needs and problems.

At the agency we have used Chat GPT to generate this article. But we worked together with the team to be able to adjust the content, so that it is attractive, but also has a high level of objectivity, especially in the moments in which we were referring to technical data of the tool. We have also achieved successful marketing campaigns with the help of CHAT GPT and even complemented the SEO of our partners’ sites by taking into account the suggestions of this AI.

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