Okey Rosario + Digital JUMP: Good Commercial Management Practices Program.

Capacitación OKEY ROSARIO
Luciano Tirelli at Digital Jump

Author: Luciano

CEO at Digital JUMP

They say that salespeople are the fundamental pillars of any commercial organization. Your ability to establish strong client relationships and close successful deals makes the difference between success and failure in the business world. That is why it is crucial to invest in their development and constant training.

In this sense, we recently carried out a commercial training focused on enhancing the skills of our partner Okey Rosario’s sales team. Throughout this article, we will explore the main aspects addressed during these enriching training days.

Sobre el proyecto:

We set ourselves an objective: to carry out a program of good commercial management practices. Through didactic and practical methods, but without losing focus on the academic side. This ranged from theoretical hours to games from the Kahoot platform, where each of the participants competed to link fun with learning.

This training was given over a period of 4 weeks in which each of them was nourished with knowledge, experiences and anecdotes.

We divide it into different modules to be able to segment and specify each of the most relevant aspects of sales:

  1. Planning, time management and client management strategies.
  2. Empathy. Cold calling techniques.
  3. Closing sales and negotiation.
  4. Development of relationships with clients.

We kicked off with the first module. It sought to introduce the bases of how a salesperson should organize their time and space to be able to optimally carry out their work and how to manage it in the most efficient way.

For the second meeting, we worked more with the relationship of the seller and how he should prepare beforehand to start contacting the client. How to prepare, how to create a pitch and the main foundations of trust and empathy.

Already on the third day, we went a little more into the methods to use: Keys such as pivoting or persuasion were the techniques explained to give different tools when it comes to being able to start a conversation with the user, without losing sight of the user’s experience. same when wanting to make a purchase.

And to close the training, we were looking at the most important points to take into account in order to develop a good relationship with the client, and all the benefits that this brings us: their loyalty, more and better sales, recommendations, etc.

In conclusion, we are pleased to have been part of this process of transformation and growth of your commercial team. We have shared key knowledge, strategies and tools that will allow you to face market challenges with confidence and achieve successful results. We are confident that the impact of this training will be reflected in your team’s performance and achievements in the near future.

We had the joy of closing the program with the testimony of the students who told us that they had already achieved their objectives during this month, and observed improvements in their performance on a daily basis. What a joy!

We sincerely appreciate the trust placed in us by choosing us as your allies in this training process.

This training program has been a strategic investment in the growth and development of the Okey Rosario commercial team. We are excited to see the fruits of this process and wish your team continued success in the future.

At Digital JUMP we firmly believe in the transformative power of training and the value it brings to organizations. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continue providing quality training programs, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of commercial teams. Do not hesitate to contact us!