The eCommerce Day 2023

E-commerce day 2023 - CACE
Fernando Céspedes at Digital Jump

Author: Fernando

Sales Executive

Last Thursday, August 31, we closed the month with a trip to Buenos Aires for an event that we have on our agenda every year. We were together with the entire team, in the eCommerce Day, the most representative event of the Argentine electronic commerce sector, which since 2008 has organized by CACE.

Without going into evaluating content and speakers, we find in this description one of the most evident values ​​of the event: It offers us a fairly clear panorama, validated by heavyweight players in the sector, of the general state of electronic commerce in Argentina and an idea of ​​what the new tendencies. This is, without a doubt, the inevitable and invaluable contribution every year, which is basically the main reason why we go.

In this edition, we were once again surprised by the number of attendees, who formed a long line outside. We ancients remember the origins and still cannot believe the size of this event today. This only definitively confirms the size that the sector itself has acquired and that it will surely only continue to grow in the coming years.

In the main lobby, we find many brands in search of information and suppliers to grow in digital environments. On the other hand, service provider companies in the sector that are looking for clients.

Already entering the rooms, the first notions have to do with the general state of the sector, the data confirms that the growth of post-pandemic online sales is sustained, and that the advances in terms of digitalization that initially seemed temporary are little by little , are adopted as definitive solutions. Digitalization is the current process in almost all areas and industries.

E-commerce day

Forcing our gaze further forward, in terms of trends, we must give special attention to two key concepts that appeared and were protagonists of the entire day: Artificial Intelligence and Retail Media.

  • Artificial intelligence: Brands and companies are working intensively at a global level to develop autonomous learning models to process user data and their navigation at levels never seen before. The ultimate goal is the continuous improvement of the user experience to transform it into better conversion metrics.
  • Retail Media: One of the fastest growing advertising models in recent years, threatens to break the hegemony of Google and Meta as platforms. Large retail chains find in their digital channels information and audiences that they offer to sponsors (brands that sell there), managing to develop businesses with profitability potential even greater than the profits from the sales of the retailers themselves.

Of course, more than 8 hours of talks in 3 simultaneous rooms are too much information to summarize in this short text. We only want to share the highlights from our perspective, and invite you to investigate further if you wish.

Our final feelings: Happy to have shared this time as a team, happy with the direction of the industry and its still emerging potential and hungry for more knowledge.

See you next time!