How do I make a successful migration to Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 - By Digital Jump
Luciano Tirelli at Digital Jump

Author: Luciano

CEO at Digital JUMP

As we mentioned in our previous report (If you didn’t read it, do not miss it) On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics expires and ushers in a new era: Google Analytics 4!

Countdown GA4 - By Digital Jump

Every time we enter Analytics we have a giant countdown like this poster that we share with you. A little pressure, right?

In order to achieve the migration more effectively, and follow this new path to success, it is recommended that we take the following steps:

  • Connect UA-GA4: we select the UA property we want to migrate and create it in GA4. It is very important to configure each label that we want to analyze, one of the great advantages of this new system. Once done, we must test in real time through our website to know if the information is collected.
  • Set Property: the new property only starts collecting data once it is created. To get the most out of it, you must activate Google Signals, it can collect additional data about users who have activated ad personalization and who are logged into their Google accounts.
  • Create goals for your connected property: Conversions are user activities that contribute to the success of our company. These activities are measured using conversion events. In Universal Analytics properties, goals were used to measure similar activities.
  • Import links with Google Ads: allows us to publish lists and events or Google Analytics remarketing parameters to linked Google Ads accounts. Next, we’ll want to import conversions (for bidding) and add audiences to a campaign or ad group (for remarketing). Access Analytics conversions and data related to Google Ads clicks. This will allow us to see conversion data from Analytics in Google Ads and access data that helps optimize these bids.
  • Migrate audiences: You can have up to 100 audiences created per property in GA4. Remarketing ads can be shown to previous or current users based on actions they have taken.

By following these instructions we can complete a successful migration and configuration of GA4.

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