6 marketing trends for 2024

6 tendencias de marketing
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We lowered the glasses after the toast and we were already beginning February. What happened in January? Someone knows? Anyway, it’s time to present the Digital Marketing trends for 2024, before we are toasting again.

Multiplatform and authentic communication:

Every day 1.8 billion images and videos are shared on social networks.

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Social Media

“Content is King” is something we have been saying for a long time, in line with the industry (We leave you here a note about why it is important to be on the networks). It means that the attractiveness of what is published for the target audience defines its possibilities of generating results. This is something that has been deepening over time as the number of content generators grows exponentially each year. It is increasingly difficult to achieve reach and engagement.

Added to this reality, which is at this point indisputable, is a phenomenon that has just become consolidated as a parameter: audiences are distributed across multiple platforms, consuming content on several of them, at different times of the day. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Unidirectional mono-platform communication is today just a cry in the desert, global brands (and local ones too) are increasingly obliged to be active in the entire ecosystem of platforms in which their audiences move.

Artificial Intelligence taking off:

Amazon offers a different landing page to each user. Based on its previous behavior, and that of other similar users, it is capable of predicting what a user wants BEFORE they know it.

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Gato Cyborg

We did not discover anything by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the outstanding trends for 2024. Even so, we believe it is important to reinforce the imperative need to work internally for adoption. Today it is a resource that gives an extra boost, tomorrow it will be the minimum speed to survive.

The precision of the different free tools to simply solve routine activities that we do in digital marketing is still somewhat limited. Technology still requires advanced solutions or user time, but this changes day by day. Very soon it will be impossible to compete with the speed and precision of many of the tasks that an Artificial Intelligence solution executes with human muscle.

Of course, many tasks related to creativity, sensitivity and human emotions are unlikely to be replaced by technology, at least in the short term. Surely, therefore, the value of human talents capable of contributing in this sense will increase.

At the margin, the use of AI becomes mandatory: To design, write, process data, develop strategies, substantiate conclusions, test hypotheses, plan, edit, etc. Today there are useful allies within reach of a click that it is necessary to start exploring.

In this note we talk about the mix between content generation and networks.

Brands in projected value:

The Tom’s company based its value proposition on donating a pair of sneakers for every pair purchased by its customers. The firm has already donated more than 96 million pairs of sneakers.


As markets are flooded with infinite product variables for each niche, and consumers can purchase them frequently, immediate needs begin to be satisfied. Thus, especially in developed countries, a preference arises towards brands that offer “something more” than the present value or the immediate satisfaction that the product provides: a transcendental commitment, care for the environment, the transformation of society in some sense. , are examples of attributes that consumers are beginning to demand from their favorite brands.

The construction of coherent senses and meanings integrally from manufacturing, marketing and communication becomes indispensable and a differential competitive advantage for those who achieve such a case.

Virtual Shopping:

In 2017, Lego introduced a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot, Ralph, to help consumers choose the perfect LEGO Christmas present.

Neil Patel 2024 Report

The e-commerce continues its marked pace of growth as a percentage of participation in the total sales of the world economy. The phenomenon, far from receding post-pandemic, consolidates the bases of its growth.

Hand in hand with this path, the shopping experience in digital environments increasingly resembles real interaction: Chats that assist with the purchase, virtual clothing fitting rooms, makeup mirrors, are just examples of solutions that predict a displacement of currencies to digital markets, even greater than what happened.

Without going any further, Digital Shoppings are emerging in Asian economies, spaces closed to the public, where influencers and content generators promote specific products, either live or in advertisements.

AI as People:

According to Wordstream.com, the search volume for “AI girlfriend” reaches 49,500 results per month.

Inteligencia Artificial

The era of AI characters has arrived, not only will virtual brides and grooms become common among us but virtual influencers will begin to be a strategic part of the communication of brands of all kinds.

Invented, intelligent beings capable of processing hundreds of user response data, achieve astonishing connection rates with humans and therefore the ability to affect their decisions.

People as brands:

Brand messages shared by employees on social media achieve 561% greater reach than the same messages shared through official brand channels.


In times where companies make immense efforts to make their brands sound like people, an economical and efficient shortcut to achieve this becomes obvious: let people speak, brands are made by people.

Personal brands have the condition of immediate similarity, they should not pretend to be people, but they already are. That is why the number of CEO profiles and relevant employees, digital ambassadors who communicate with or for brands, is growing. It is a trend that continues to consolidate.

So far, the 6 trends to take into account to successfully face 2024. These are issues that we keep in mind in our daily lives and that we plan to address with greater force in 2024, which is why we share them.

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