Why are we called Digital JUMP?

Por qué nos llamamos Digital JUMP
Luciano Tirelli at Digital Jump

Author: Luciano

CEO at Digital JUMP

Anyone who has children knows that choosing a name is a very important step. There are couples who have the worst argument of their lives to reach an agreement, others resolve it more simply, but it is always a challenge. It is not the same if your child is called Nicolas, Bertino, Alberto, Marta or Mabel. When we hear a name we immediately think of an idea. We don’t all think of the same idea all the time, but some have aspects in common. If they tell me, for example, “Marta was born,” there are wires in my head that short circuit (forgive Marthas). The same thing if they tell me, meet my grandfather Andrés, I don’t know, it’s like my mind was expecting an Alberto, Roberto, something more like that.

The same thing happens with brands, when we hear the name of a brand for the first time, we imagine something. That something changes over time and interactions with the brand, of course, few will have thought that NIKE was a sports brand, and its logo is enough to understand what it is about. But since that first idea is important, and it takes time to change it, we all want to choose brand names that generate ideas in people, similar to what we do or at least not contrary. If we don’t call the baby Mabel, we don’t call a brand of adult diapers Crush (which could be called Mabel eye). The example is strong, but you get the point, the name matters.

How did Digital JUMP come about?

It didn’t take us too long to think of our name to be honest. We were actually looking for a name for a business model that offered Digital Marketing training. In this context, it was obvious that whoever trained would take a leap in their career, based on their new digital skills. Therefore Digital JUMP was almost obvious.

History or who knows who wanted us to have Partners before students, that is, companies that required our services before consolidating the training proposal and thus, Digital JUMP agency kept the name that suited it perfectly, and applied completely .

Why Digital JUMP then?

Digital JUMP is the combination of Digital and JUMP. It’s so obvious but at the same time it needs to be said. In our region there are too many people without jobs and companies with problems growing. But at the same time there are jobs for which there are no people and companies that in a very short time conquered markets. At Digital JUMP, we believe that the bridge between both realities is digitalization and that is why our name begins with Digital.

Our proposal is an invitation to take a leap. Jump from one place to reach a higher place. May each person who collaborates with us rise to a new professional dimension. May each company we work with expand the boundaries of what is possible for their business. That’s why our name ends with JUMP.

Digital JUMP represents and summarizes our place in the world and our reason for existing. We collaborate with companies that want to grow, hand in hand with the digitalization of their businesses, doing more and better Marketing.

What do we do at Digital JUMP?

We are a Partner agency, we collaborate with companies that want to grow hand in hand with Digital Marketing. We work on growth and to meet your objectives. We provide services that solve the challenges they face when positioning and marketing their products: Branding, Consulting, Social Media, Paid Media, Mail Marketing, SEO and Web Development.

If you want to know anything more about us, don’t hesitate to ask. I shared this note, wait for the next one and if you haven’t, subscribe here to receive it.

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