Advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress templates

Ventajas y desventajas de usar plantillas de Wordpress
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Author: Hernán Ariel

Web Developer

If you are thinking about creating a website for your business, project or hobby, you have surely considered the option of using a WordPress template or making a custom website. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs, objectives and budget. In this article we are going to analyze the pros and cons of each case, so that you can make a decision that fits your particular situation.

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WordPress Templates

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, with more than 40% of websites created with this platform. It allows you to create pages quickly and easily, without needing too much technical knowledge. Additionally, it offers thousands of templates or themes that can be installed and customized with just a few clicks.

The advantages of using a WordPress template are:

  • Saving time and money: By using a ready-made template, you don’t have to start from scratch or hire a designer or developer. You can have your website ready in a short time and at a very low or even free cost.
  • Ease of use: WordPress is very intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. You can manage your website from the administration panel, to change the appearance, add content, etc.
  • Variety and quality: there are thousands of templates available, for all tastes and needs. You can find for blogs, online stores, portfolios, magazines, etc. In addition, many of them are responsive, that is, they adapt to the size of the screen of the device from which the website is accessed.
  • Updates and support: By using a WordPress template, you benefit from the updates and support that the platform offers. This guarantees that your website is always up to date and secure, and that you can resolve any problems or questions you may have.

The disadvantages of using a WordPress template are:

  • Lack of originality: by using a ready-made template, you run the risk of your website looking like many others that use the same one. This can affect the image and differentiation of your brand or project.
  • Limitations and compatibility: By opting for this alternative, you are subject to the options and functionalities offered by the theme. You may not be able to make some changes or customizations you want, or you may have compatibility issues with some plugins or browsers.
  • Performance and security: Your website will be more vulnerable to attacks and may not perform as expected. This is because some templates may be poorly optimized or have outdated or insecure code. This applies to a greater extent to templates that are obtained from unofficial WordPress repositories such as Envato, Themeforest, etc. That is why you should make sure to take the necessary security measures to avoid inconveniences, such as installing a good security plugin. If you are interested, we have a written note about it and you can see it here.
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Custom websites

They are those that are created from scratch, according to the client’s specifications and preferences. To make a personalized website you need to have a professional designer and developer, who are in charge of creating the design and code of the website. There are also other ways to create personalized websites, using theme builder plugins or templates that also have these characteristics. For example, Elementor, Oxigen and Bricks are professional theme builders that support a high level of customization and custom and optimized developments.

The advantages of making a personalized website are:

  • Originality and exclusivity: by making a personalized website, you can have a unique and tailored website that reflects the personality and identity of your brand or project. You can choose the layout, colors, fonts, images and effects that you like the most and that suit your target audience.
  • Flexibility and functionality: you can have a website with all the options and functionalities you need. You can integrate payment systems, reservations, subscriptions, forms, etc. You can also make your website responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • Performance and security: you will have a faster and more secure website. This is because the code is optimized for your website and does not have unnecessary or dangerous elements.

The disadvantages of making a custom website are:

  • Greater cost and time: you have to invest more money and time in the process. You will also need to hire a professional designer and developer. On the other hand, web development may take longer to complete, depending on the complexity and size of the project.
  • Greater management difficulty: not all personalized or custom developments enable intuitive options for managing the site’s contents. You should make sure that the project also includes that detail so that the administration can be easier for you later.
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As you have seen, both using a WordPress template and creating a custom website have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice will depend on your needs, objectives and budget. If you want a fast, easy and economical website, a WordPress template can be a good option. If you want a unique, flexible and professional website, a custom website may be the best solution. Whatever your decision, remember that the most important thing is that your website fulfills its function and attracts your target audience.

At Digital JUMP, we will always recommend that you choose to have an original, creative website that meets the quality standards you are looking for. That is why we work with personalized developments but using technologies that optimize development times and also the general costs of the project.

If you want us to tell you more about this service, do not hesitate to contact us.