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We work in:

OKEY ROSARIO, a wholesale distributor of cell phone parts and accessories in Santa Fe, has experienced a significant transformation in its online presence and sales strategies thanks to our comprehensive services.
Okey Rosario Taller Comercial

Firstly, we have carried out a branding process, which is essential to establish a strong brand identity. Through branding strategies, we have helped OKEY ROSARIO create a meaningful connection with its audience. This involved creating a distinctive logo, a consistent color palette and a brand voice that stands out in a competitive market. Branding has strengthened brand recognition and fostered customer loyalty, creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

In addition to branding, we have provided a commercial workshop on sales strategies. This workshop has been an invaluable opportunity to improve OKEY ROSARIO’s sales skills and results. Participants have learned proven techniques to identify their audience, address customer objections, and close deals effectively. Methods have also been taught to build strong relationships with customers and use modern tools and technologies to optimize sales. At the end of the workshop, OKEY ROSARIO sales professionals have a set of strategies and knowledge that allow them to boost their sales and achieve success in the commercial world.

In summary, through our comprehensive branding services and sales strategy workshop, OKEY ROSARIO has strengthened its brand identity and significantly improved its sales skills, which has contributed to continued success as a wholesale distributor of spare parts and accessories for cell phones in Santa Fe.

Logo de Okey Rosario en color negro

We have been working together for some time now and we are very satisfied. Very professional, organized and focused on our needs to be able to solve them. We started with consulting, we added training and now we are going for brand development, so we are more than happy with the results and we continue to move forward.