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We work in:

ILCE, a company dedicated to the dynamic world of agribusiness and technology, has leveraged two of our key services to boost its online presence.
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Firstly, our social media advertising service, a powerful tool to boost your online business. Through advertising strategies on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we have managed to accurately reach its target audience. This involves creating engaging ads, defining specific demographic segments, and consistently tracking conversions. As a result, social media advertising has significantly increased the visibility of ILCE’s brand, generated valuable leads and improved interaction with its customers, achieving measurable and effective results on social networks.

Additionally, we have collaborated to develop and execute a solid social media strategy. This strategy is essential to getting the most out of social platforms, including content planning, accurately identifying your target audience, and choosing the right platforms. Constant monitoring and analysis has allowed us to adjust strategy and optimize performance on an ongoing basis. Together, this strategy has increased ILCE’s brand visibility, encouraged fan engagement, and led to greater customer engagement and loyalty.

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In summary, through our social media advertising and social media strategy services, ILCE has experienced significant growth and continued success in its online presence, driving its senior program in Digital Commerce with a focus on Agro Food Tech.


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