We work in:

We work in:

COATECH, a leading innovation and technology company in floor and wall coverings, has experienced a notable boost in its online presence through our social media strategy.

We understand that an effective strategy is critical to online success today. Therefore, we have worked closely with COATECH to make the most of social platforms. This includes careful content planning, accurate identification of the target audience, and strategic selection of the right platforms.

COATECH SM Strategy mock up

Our work does not stop there: constant monitoring and analysis have been essential to adjust the strategy and optimize performance. Through this solid social media strategy, we have significantly increased the visibility of the COATECH brand. Additionally, we have encouraged the active participation of their followers and achieved greater customer engagement and loyalty.

In summary, our effective social media strategy has been essential to the growth and continued success of COATECH’s online presence, supporting its commitment to innovation and technology in floor and wall coverings.

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