How much does Santa Fe politics invest in Google Ads?

Cuanto gasta la política santafesina en campañas de publicidad
Luciano Tirelli at Digital Jump

Author: Luciano

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In Santa Fe, politics has invested so far this year (January 1 to June 13) more than 24 million pesos ($24,000,000) in Google Ads alone, to position the different candidates.

Those who invest the most in Google Ads:

Gastos en publicidad de políticos Santafesinos

The data shows a very extensive list of advertisers, which finds “Santa Fe para Todos” in first place with an estimated investment of $13.7M, with the majority of its advertisements aimed at the now former candidate Roberto Mirabella, and the launch of his book “Let’s Defend Santa Fe.” It is worth highlighting, this is the second advertiser in the ranking by amounts at the national level. Continuing with the list in Santa Fe, in second place on the list is “Oscar Martinez” with an investment of $1.44M with ads focused on the candidate and his proposals. In third place on the list we find “Ignacio Martin Pacheco” with content linked to Marcos Cleri and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for an amount of $1.17M. In the fourth and last place over a million pesos (although the list of advertisers is longer) we see “Estevez Enrique Eloy” with an investment of $1.09M oriented towards the candidate and his image.

Absent without notice:

Together for Change, strikingly, it does not appear among the first sponsors. Although the space is recognized for supporting strong strategies in digital environments, it has not yet deployed its weapons on the Internet in Santa Fe. Only on June 13 (the day of the report) do significant amounts appear on the agenda for pre-candidate Carolina Losada, although her opponent in the internal Maximiliano Pullaro, has not yet registered significant investments.

Things are getting hot:

The beginning of the year did not show major movements: January, February and March barely exceed three million pesos in the region. Candidates and their advisors assume that voters do not need to know their chosen ones that long beforehand, and that it is better for them to remember them when they go to vote. On the other hand, many of the pre-candidates had not yet defined their participation until recently.

Gastos en publicidad de políticos Santafesinos

Although April started the same, by the end of the month, the large amounts that remained during May appeared. During June, with the departure of Roberto Mirabella, investment is slightly reduced but it still maintains growth compared to the months prior to April.

Los anuncios:

As for the advertisements, almost 70% of them are of the “video” type: animated elaborations of moving images or of the protagonists speaking directly to the camera. The rest of the contents are images that in most cases consist of the name of the candidate, his photo and the logos of the parties that support him. In some cases a phrase appears related to a prominent proposal or statement. Not much more to explore in this regard. It is not a space where we recommend diving in search of creativity.

Below is a snapshot as a list of some of the most viewed ads this season:


The contest promises even more cards on the table for the coming months. Google Ads is an economical and simple way to “impact” the target audience to position candidates in a short time. From now on, from Digital JUMP, we will continue to share the news in this regard.

The fountain:

The information comes from Google’s new “Ads Transparency Center”, and is public for anyone who wants to consult it on Google forces advertisers to verify their identities to be able to advertise and in the case of political ads it shares the data publicly.

Google Ads: La Plataforma:

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform, through which it is possible to advertise brands, services and products efficiently and effectively. Google Ads Search allows you to invest to appear in Google search results, while Google Ads Display allows you to reach users in certain segments with graphic ads during their browsing. At Digital JUMP we are certified Google Ads Partners and we know how to promote products or services in this tool. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.